Jessup’s Marital Questions – Part 1

“I’ve got a wife who is serious about the Lord,” Jessup said.

“Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” the counselor said.

“No… I mean, yes, it’s a good thing I reckon.  But I mean really serious about Him.  To the point where she won’t let me say certain things without rebutting them.  And, to me, these things are nice; they speak my heart, but she won’t hear me.”

“Things like what?” the counselor searched.

“Well, I said the other day that I want her to be the biggest part of me.  She was nice about it, but she definitely said that is something she can’t do.  She said God needs to be the biggest part of me.”

“And so he does,” answered the counselor.  “But you didn’t agree with that?”

“Oh, now don’t you start on me,” Jessup cautioned, a bit defensively.  “I don’t see where it’s wrong for a husband to put trust in his wife, especially when she’s a pastor.”

“Yes, but that’s not what you said to her,” the counselor rebutted.  “You made a sweeping statement about giving her the biggest part of you or something, right?”

“I said I want her to be the biggest part of me, yes.  What’s so wrong with that?” Jessup queried.

“Nothing, if you don’t take God as seriously as you say she does, Jessup.  Really… what did you expect her to say?”

The new husband paused a moment, shifted position in his chair, and formed his answer…



Do “romance” and “sex” always have to go together?

Probably for many men – yes… and for many women – no.

Just speculating though.

Is getting to know the heart so boring? Couldn’t THAT alone be romantic… ever?

Sex will be around until the end of time; sex rules the physical world… but where does the understanding of friendship stand in marriage? Does it ever stand ahead of sex? Can it?

I’d like to think so.

Just speculating though.

It’s the Flesh

It’s not that all “women” gossip, or that all “men” gossip.

The flesh gossips.  Sin is endemic to the FLESH, not to gender.

Gender-based polarization and prejudice is a goal of the enemy.

Men and women are God’s holy creation… gnash your teeth against “the flesh” and all its operatives.

Love the genders for the beautiful gifts they are. Amen.