Inside of Me

Sonnets, stories, and books reside within all of us.  They also reside within me.

They kiss each other and praise God the Father.  They use wisdom and knowledge and understanding to find their way out of me.

I sing praise to the Lord for the praises in each of His children.  I sing praise to Jesus for the love of the Father within me.

My sonnets bow with praise, my stories spout His forgiveness, and books fill the shelves of magnifications to His Name!

There’s a sonnet alive in all of us reaching passionately around the neck of the Father.  And roses drop their petals at the mention of His Name.

“Praise to the Father, praise to the Son, praise to the Spirit – the Three Who are One.  Praise He Who calls butterflies forth from cocoon, and died for our new life, and IS coming soon!”

Bring Your works up and out of me, O, God and let my pen praise You always in writing’s phrases and notebook pages, from now into Eternity.


God’s Way

Traveling through the “bleck” of life God’s way will always bring you out to the other side, safely.

The bleck might last longer than you think, it might be deeper and broader than you think.  You’ll probably need lots of tissue…

but underneath are the everlasting arms of God.

So travel through with Hope for Life on the other side of bleck… there IS life there – I know.

The key is doing things God’s way.

Me, too…

Ever want to just shake someone you love until all the foul particles of fear and pride, weakness, rebellion, doubt, and unbelief fall off of them?

Me, too.

Ever been shaken by someone who loves you until all the poisons of fear and pride, weakness, rebellion, doubt, and unbelief fell off of you?

Yep… me, too.