Want the Payoff? Trust God

God will call you out of one life into another; rest assured.  Be not dismayed if your emotions are suddenly calmed and so is your circumstance. Trusting in God always pays off.

The Lord looks on the condition of our hearts as it pertains to our emotional well-being far more than we realize. He knows that, if we are afraid or discouraged or discomfited, we will have a very hard time coming into His destiny for us.  He does not want us ignorant or devoid of His trust. He does not want us focusing on the ways of this world, either.

Children, don’t be discouraged if “the world” doesn’t know your name.

Seek to “be known” by Heaven rather than earth.  The God of all flesh never forgets, will always forgive, and His knowing of you will be proclaimed before all when you pass from death into new life.

Seek to be known by God.

Let Him bring you, joyously, from this life into another; His call on you won’t be misunderstood by those who have tasted life eternal, for He has called them, too.  He will bring you out of Egypt into the Promised land; rest assured.  Be not dismayed when you must get your house in order to leave behind the places which no longer hold your focus.  Leave and be grateful for what He’s given you.  Let the sunshine of God’s future rest upon your face.  Don’t be afraid, dear children…

Trusting in God always pays off.

Could Be A Song

Climbing a tree and settling inside… listening for the Voice of God.

Climbing a tall pine tree and taking a breath, listening for the Voice of God.

It could be a moment, a lightning strike, or aroma… hearing His answer from above.

But I’m off the ground, so that must be good… listening for the Voice of God.

Even though your ears get tired, listen for the Voice of God.

Climb until you’re off the ground and don’t need to climb anymore.

Get yourself settled and be really quiet… listen for the Voice of God.

“I will make a way in the wilderness,” our loving Father will say, “and a path for you in the desert.”

Sit still and listen until you hear Him say, “You have sought Me, you have found Me, and I WILL MAKE A WAY.”

Listen for the faithful Voice of God.


The Lord just brings His will about when we trust Him; sometimes it’s very quietly.

We worry and fuss and pray and toss and turn at night asking God to keep us in His will and timing and not let us step in front of Him or drag behind Him.  We sweat and our temperatures rise… we humans are all so dramatic!

But God is not, and He has no sweat glands.

He just brings His will to pass and He honors our obedient hearts and rewards us with His favor… all so quietly.

But perfectly.  Absolutely, positively, perfectly.

God bless You, Savior!  FOR YOU DO ALL THINGS WELL!