For “Jessica”

I was almost chagrined by Jessica coming out to the living room so early this morning.  I’d queued up an old Bette Davis movie, boiled water for tea, and thought I was going to have some of the daylight’s fledgling hours to myself; so when she emerged from the bedroom, I secretly shook my head and talked to God.

Then God caused me to realize that, in a while, she would be back to sleep… but this time, near me.  She is almost 19 but still such a little one at heart; she is sweet and precious for a 19-year-old having been exposed to the world through college.  The time spent with me (most important, in GOD’s Presence) has gotten almost all the poisons off of her… the cruel influences and ideologies of the world’s spiraling idiocies, folly, and weakness… and now she is a child again; that innocent child whom I’ve spent so much of my time influencing.  The child I dearly love.  That child loving God and loved by God, who the world truly hates.  Now she is my Jessica, and all is “at home and right” again between us and our hearts; for I know the One Whom her soul loves… my soul loves Him, too.

At present, she sleeps again as God said, and I’m glad to have her near me.  Merciful God, please keep her near Your tender heart in prayer, protection, faithfulness, and obedience… forever.

[I cover every word of this testimony in the Precious Blood of Jesus the Christ.  Amen.]

Me, too…

Ever want to just shake someone you love until all the foul particles of fear and pride, weakness, rebellion, doubt, and unbelief fall off of them?

Me, too.

Ever been shaken by someone who loves you until all the poisons of fear and pride, weakness, rebellion, doubt, and unbelief fell off of you?

Yep… me, too.