Whew! Bless the Lord!

Holy Spirit holds open the “door of escape” from temptation to sin, and I am so grateful!

All it takes is our outcry to God, and He will transport us from the midst of fleshly weakness and into His glorious light.

Escaping the grip of temptation is like being thrust out into fresh, cool air after the stifling encroach of heat and blight.

Renew me, O, God! Refresh me with Your determination and Your strength which are far greater than all… for there is no strength without You.

With You, I can shut the door on temptation and take the hand of Righteousness.  With You, I know everything’s going to be all right.

And so… I bless the Lord.

A Prayer of Thanks

Merciful Father, I thank You so much for the mercy You’ve shown to me.  Thank You for always speaking to me in the ways I need and for causing me to listen “intelligently”, with humility as my banner, first.  My life is in Your hands.

God, You mean everything to me, and I will follow You all the days of my life.  I promise.

In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I pray.


Defining Words

God makes sure to use certain words when He shares how He defines me.  Words like: “feminine” and “attractive” really hold healing for me.  “Beautiful for the Father (and Godhead) to behold” is a phrase I cling to, and its truth speaks to me because it’s coming from the One Who IS truth.

“Leader”, “Daughter”, “Talented”, and “Friend”.  God knows what will align my heartbeat to His cadence and what singularly blesses and strengthens me.

Confidence, faith, and security are words I use to describe what knowing Him has done to me.  He is the most miraculous being of passion and power in mine or any life.  Amen.