I can’t touch you physically because you are the same sex as me, but that’s okay – the best part is knowing your heart.

I’ve got the best God can offer to my life at any time in the knowing, the understanding, the truth, and the unfailing love of your friendship; the devotion of your heart and the truth that we are “knit” at the soul as God does with friends, especially.


All That Matters

Rise up within me, O, God Jehovah!

Subdue my flesh and burn it away… make my spirit to praise Your Name!

I LOVE YOU! O, how I love You!

That’s all that matters, anyway.

Your Holy Spirit has robes of white and purple and gray and brightens the night.

Singing sonnets of praise to my delight He dulls the pain then takes it away and I am blessed with another day to make You a blessing to all those who see me and hear and receive Your fire in Truth.


That’s all that matters to my soul any day.



Since I saw the plume of Jesus’ love rising from the soul of my mother, my heart raced after Jesus that I could know Him, too.

That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.

My mom was the most real person I have ever known.

So I wanted – then longed – to know the Christ Who meant so much to her.

I clasped Him between my palms like a precious Pearl and held Him steadily to my pounding breast.

It’s Jesus!  He’s the key to belonging and the Way to satisfaction…

The soothing comfort of my longing has its source in Christ alone.

Now, the plume of Jesus’ love rises from my grateful soul, and I want the world to know and love this Pearl of such great price.  Amen.