Always Encourage!

A word of encouragement can mean the difference between living and dying, giving up or holding on.

I am  blessed to be part of the uplifting stream of strength that flows from the Father’s heart.

There’s so much sadness in this world; so much forlorn and pain and excuses… so much need for God.

One word of encouragement can sheath a razor, smother toxic fumes, and snap tight lids on pill bottles.

“Just tell me I’m truly of value! Tell me I’m truly of worth!” Tell them more than Jesus loves them – give them reasons why. Show them. 

Give them truth in encouragement. It can break the embrace of lonely bridges and icy waters…  and make a life worth living again.

His Face

God has shown me the folly of this world, the wasteful array of its pursuits, the trouble it breeds.

Before I paid attention I was part of all its frenzy… of its lusts and deception… of the dark and wearied places.

But when Light truly shined upon my face in ways that I could understand… I changed.

When humility sheathed me in its breast – I recovered… and lived.

The “lie” of life is that God does not exist and does not care.  Cruel deception says He does not intervene in the affairs of men.

But He does.

And desperate caring from His unerring Breath of Life rekindled the refuse of my dust to flames of holiness. I  have been set apart for blessing and I know it.  Now I behold His Face.


Me, too…

Ever want to just shake someone you love until all the foul particles of fear and pride, weakness, rebellion, doubt, and unbelief fall off of them?

Me, too.

Ever been shaken by someone who loves you until all the poisons of fear and pride, weakness, rebellion, doubt, and unbelief fell off of you?

Yep… me, too.