God Needs a Willing Heart

It’s true that exposure is our friend, but its strength is drained if there is no will to change.

Jehovah points things out for a reason, but He won’t wrestle you to the ground to change your ways.

Our God needs a willing heart.

Do you fear exposure?  Are you too deep a companion of pride?  It’s a cruel taskmaster, you know.  It’s an enemy, an accuser, and an executioner.

How do you escape such bondage?

Be willing to change.

Ask the Lord to show you how. Ask Him to cover you in His Cloak of Humility and forgive your fearful, proud, resistant heart.

He will… and then exposure can be your friend.  Change – when powered by Jesus – will open the door to freedom in your life as you’re transformed to Christ’s image, just like Father God planned

… but only if you’re willing to change.

Our God needs a willing heart.

Almost Free

A trying time is almost at an end. I hope that I have gone through it in a way that pleases God.

That’s all that I can think of right now except for being grateful that I’m almost free.

Seeing clearly is something the Lord is very concerned about when it comes to us, His children.

Had I not gone through this trial – one that I didn’t know existed – I would not have seen clearly into the daylight that lay ahead.

We have to know and we have to understand; but sometimes these things take time.

The unteachable are always unreachable… and I pray the subjects of this particular time of testing will be reachable by Him one day.

In the meantime, y’all, I’m almost free.


Me, too…

Ever want to just shake someone you love until all the foul particles of fear and pride, weakness, rebellion, doubt, and unbelief fall off of them?

Me, too.

Ever been shaken by someone who loves you until all the poisons of fear and pride, weakness, rebellion, doubt, and unbelief fell off of you?

Yep… me, too.