Want the Payoff? Trust God

God will call you out of one life into another; rest assured.  Be not dismayed if your emotions are suddenly calmed and so is your circumstance. Trusting in God always pays off.

The Lord looks on the condition of our hearts as it pertains to our emotional well-being far more than we realize. He knows that, if we are afraid or discouraged or discomfited, we will have a very hard time coming into His destiny for us.  He does not want us ignorant or devoid of His trust. He does not want us focusing on the ways of this world, either.

Children, don’t be discouraged if “the world” doesn’t know your name.

Seek to “be known” by Heaven rather than earth.  The God of all flesh never forgets, will always forgive, and His knowing of you will be proclaimed before all when you pass from death into new life.

Seek to be known by God.

Let Him bring you, joyously, from this life into another; His call on you won’t be misunderstood by those who have tasted life eternal, for He has called them, too.  He will bring you out of Egypt into the Promised land; rest assured.  Be not dismayed when you must get your house in order to leave behind the places which no longer hold your focus.  Leave and be grateful for what He’s given you.  Let the sunshine of God’s future rest upon your face.  Don’t be afraid, dear children…

Trusting in God always pays off.

More, Not “Less”

How can a people be reconciled to God unless someone is willing to be “of” their blood? The righteous must be willing to sacrifice for unbelievers, as Jesus did for all of us.

I used to feel “less” because some of my blood is French; because some of it is Negro; because some of it is Native American, and Irish.  These are nations hated by men and thought to be “less”.  How foolish was I!

The nation of Moab became part of the Royal Bloodline of Jesus the Christ; Ruth was of Moabite blood.  Despised and defiled, yet the hearts of all those given to Christ and His sacrificial love for us have been forgiven and purified, so God is not ashamed to call them “brethren”.

I love Jesus, my heart is His; this has been so since the day I surrendered at only nine years old. (That was a long time ago.) The righteousness of God in my heart is shed forth onto my bloodline of Native American, Negro, Irish, and French… none of them are truly “less”; nor am I for being “of” them in the flesh.  I love my God-given, earthly heritage.

In truth, it is “more” because I love Jesus, and His gift of obedience within me has reconciled many bloodlines in His Name.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God has before-ordained that we should walk in them.” (Eph. 2:10)