Let the Son shine in

I like the earth’s sun on me for what it exposes and heals.

Cancel fear and pride, in Jesus’ Name – let Heaven’s “Son” shine on you.

Preferring darkness rather than light is a choice, my friends…

… choose to nourish your soul with Jesus the same way you nourish your body with the sun’s powerful light.

Sit at God’s feet and let Him “shine” on you… and don’t be afraid of the “uglies” He exposes, for He only wants to heal.  His only thought and pulse are for your restoration and betterment.

Do you believe this?

Then let God’s “Son” shine in!

Whew! Bless the Lord!

Holy Spirit holds open the “door of escape” from temptation to sin, and I am so grateful!

All it takes is our outcry to God, and He will transport us from the midst of fleshly weakness and into His glorious light.

Escaping the grip of temptation is like being thrust out into fresh, cool air after the stifling encroach of heat and blight.

Renew me, O, God! Refresh me with Your determination and Your strength which are far greater than all… for there is no strength without You.

With You, I can shut the door on temptation and take the hand of Righteousness.  With You, I know everything’s going to be all right.

And so… I bless the Lord.

His Face

God has shown me the folly of this world, the wasteful array of its pursuits, the trouble it breeds.

Before I paid attention I was part of all its frenzy… of its lusts and deception… of the dark and wearied places.

But when Light truly shined upon my face in ways that I could understand… I changed.

When humility sheathed me in its breast – I recovered… and lived.

The “lie” of life is that God does not exist and does not care.  Cruel deception says He does not intervene in the affairs of men.

But He does.

And desperate caring from His unerring Breath of Life rekindled the refuse of my dust to flames of holiness. I  have been set apart for blessing and I know it.  Now I behold His Face.