Stay In Touch

When emotions are triggered by occurrences, don’t always consider you’re being attacked by the enemy.

God has a way of using those triggers to call up corrosive elements of our psyche or emotions He desires to deliver from our lives.

Ever heard a song from your childhood that transported you right back there and brought you to tears?

I have; and, when I’ve asked the Lord what in the world is going on with me – always ask the Lord, y’all – He asks me to release the weight of emotion to His loving arms… to forgive what or who needs forgiving (sometimes it’s just me), and to yield to His control the sinewy mess of hurts and woundings attached to it.

Stay in touch with God regularly, that’s the only way you’ll know.  He’s the key to your freedom, for He alone holds the plan of deliverance for your life.  Stay in touch, beloved.  Stay in touch.


Which Do You Choose?

Every unkind word is a tatter in someone’s garment – in the very fabric of their lives – of mine and of yours.

Every kindness is a mending stitch that passes through holes and repairs the breach.

Which do you breathe out daily? Destruction or Repair?

Think carefully, for Jesus is listening. Be honest, for He is waiting to forgive.

Build the tapestry of a life and purpose your life not to destroy.

Cruelty isn’t special or merciful or beautiful.  Unkindness is remembered forever unless it’s forgiven and covered by Christ’s Blood.

Therefore, beloved, BE KIND… build the fabric of someone’s life.

Choose to be kind.

Always Encourage!

A word of encouragement can mean the difference between living and dying, giving up or holding on.

I am  blessed to be part of the uplifting stream of strength that flows from the Father’s heart.

There’s so much sadness in this world; so much forlorn and pain and excuses… so much need for God.

One word of encouragement can sheath a razor, smother toxic fumes, and snap tight lids on pill bottles.

“Just tell me I’m truly of value! Tell me I’m truly of worth!” Tell them more than Jesus loves them – give them reasons why. Show them. 

Give them truth in encouragement. It can break the embrace of lonely bridges and icy waters…  and make a life worth living again.