That’s all you can do…

Why is it that – even when confronted with their sin – some people just don’t seem to be able to effectively repent of it and embrace change?

The real problem is that some sins are literal strongholds; meaning, freedom from them can only be affected via deliverance, where the ax of Holy Spirit is put to the root cause of the stronghold supernaturally when a soul is willing to be freed. The Body of Christ are helpers, one to another, when deliverance is commissioned by God. (It’s only commanded by Him when He knows a soul is truly willing to have Him break the bondage of sin through the power of agreement.)  Deliverance prayer is powerful and permanent when linked to the resolve of the person being freed. Hallelujah.

However, unless there is genuine willingness to experience sincere release through repentance in conjunction with deliverance prayers directed by Christ – freedom cannot come.

So, what do you do for the pain-in-the-butt person – constantly buffeted by their own recurring sins and chained to the beast of strongholds – who’d rather bathe in their uncleanness and wallow in self-pity than be joyfully washed by the Blood of the Lamb? What do you do when a person is UN-willing to be delivered because they’ve become “comfortable” with their pain and so well-acquainted with their errors they’d rather remain dry and barren and sinful and sick in shortcomings, darkness, and burdens?

You pray for them; you witness to them and speak the Truth in love to them under Holy Spirit’s direction every time you see them. As God grants opportunities, shower them repeatedly with His Truth which will take away their excuse (the cop-out that says they were never warned, given a chance to change, or treated with unconditional love). Continue to love them from a sincere heart, as God has loved you.

When a person is truly and tragically unwilling to change, that’s all you can do.


Yield to the Shield

God’s not going to force His shield on you.  If you’re fighting it, He’ll withdraw.  He will wait until your heart is open to Him, but in the interim – o, forceful one – where is your shield?

YIELD TO OUR MASTER, and receive His blessings and benefits in protection for you. Learn to receive.  For, if you take the reins, it’s all on you, and you don’t know what you’re doing! Without Him, no one does…

Purple Cross and Shield for GSMYield to God’s Shield, beloved.  Yield, receive, and be glad. Amen.

Only Look Up

Child of God, never forget that when the elements of life and friends and family go against you right before a major change in your life, it’s confirmation of God’s pleasure and the enemy’s displeasure.

The angels are tall and sturdy surrounding you; only look up to see the mighty God Who guides you and them.

Be serious about your assignment, dear one, and don’t forget to be encouraged by the high waves and raging winds trying to buffet your vessel.  The Ship of Zion can’t be breached by the enemy’s folly, for it is steered by the immutable Captain of our Salvation! Hallelujah!

Have the elements of life and friends and family burst apart like a whirling firecracker stinging your eyes with smoke and sparks of disloyalty everywhere you go?  Step back, and lean on the Lord.  His coffers are full of calming waters that dowse the harsh coals and snuff the seething embers of betrayal and pain.

The angels of God are always around you, and they behold the face of He Who strengthens them and you. He will rescue, comfort, deliver, and heal.  Only look up.