God’s Way

Traveling through the “bleck” of life God’s way will always bring you out to the other side, safely.

The bleck might last longer than you think, it might be deeper and broader than you think.  You’ll probably need lots of tissue…

but underneath are the everlasting arms of God.

So travel through with Hope for Life on the other side of bleck… there IS life there – I know.

The key is doing things God’s way.


While I don’t have the “gift” of hospitality, I can be hospitable; everyone can.

I’ve welcomed people into my home for weekend stays for years, and I just did so again this weekend after about a seven-month break.  I’d forgotten what an interesting feeling it is to have company overnight; especially since I ADORE solitude.

I remembered how I felt back when I had three visitors at least twice monthly for 2 to 3 days/nights at a time.  I was cheerful, I was kind, I felt good; it was crowded. Like I said, I don’t have the “gift” of hospitality which, I believe, makes you a “people person” (meaning you’d rather have people around you than not).

Though I certainly don’t dislike people, I am in love with quiet times of thought and purpose; in prayer and contemplation alone.

An old movie now and then (I’m a bit of a buff thanks to my mother), and praise/worship music constantly… I find electronics compatible friends. 🙂

Bottom Line: The weekend was good and I thank God for it.  I thank God for friends who love me, and I thank Him for new friends who are coming to love me.

Though I relish the silence and solace of humble concentration, I thank Abba for hospitality.




“A woman’s just got to be physically attractive, that’s it,” said Myron.

Dorese felt very rejected (for she considered herself slightly unattractive).

“How can you say that, Myron?  I mean, what about the woman inside?”

The narrow-minded man chuckled a little (almost a lot) and then boldly replied, “the woman inside can talk to me through a paper bag if she wants, and we can have a lovely conversation; but we’ll never be much more than friends.”

“Just because she’s not physically attractive?” the cute (but not beautiful) Dorese asked in amazement.

“Yeah,” Myron quickly retorted (defensively and disgusted), “just because she’s not physically attractive.”

Dorese thought to herself – what a sad state of affairs – though she dared not say any more out loud.