It’s difficult to affirm someone you envy.  Jealousy interferes with affirmations.

If you’re having trouble affirming a brother or sister to the depth and frequency the Lord desires, ask Him to examine your heart…

… and repent.

Like Never Before

The simpler things of life are so attractive to me! I was thinking at length about how God is so simple in His approach to loving us; of course, He has to be, hasn’t He? Because, it’s us!

He puts us in the palm of His hand and lifts us up out of the trouble of this world; separate and set apart – that means “holy”. He looks at us standing gratefully in His enormous palm and His eyes well with tears… for He loves us with such adoring, unfading love He can barely contain it.

Actually, He pours it lovingly upon us as we are able to receive and digest – He doesn’t want to keep it to Himself.  Everything of Himself He pours into that tender, gentle hand because we are standing in it…

It’s as simple as that with God.  He loves us with all-consuming, immersing, unfailing love and He wants it to take on life within us. He wants us to “be” Love, even as He is Love and we are created in His image and likeness.

Why did He decide to share? And why with “dust”?

This is the kind of God we’re dealing with – something… someone never encountered before, but someone we should run after… pursue desperately, with all our might and with every breath of life and love in us.

This is our Amazing God. He is drawn to our humility and the simpler things of life. He is to be preferred and desired above all other offerings in the complicated sphere of humanity. He is the sunrise of my heart and the pulse of all the life in me; the Initiator of every good thing, and I need nothing more than His unabashed love for me.

Bleed on me, O, Blood of God! Breathe in me Your breath until I am healed forevermore; for nothing else do I need!

In the Rain

The Lord stood in the rain and waited for me with His hand outstretched.

I joined Him in the rain and watched it wash His head and shoulders and soak His Godly frame.

He turned towards me, I turned towards Him and watched the drops run on His eyes and mouth; as He blinked, slight splashes hit my face.  He held my cheek in His warm, strong hand and I looked into His caring eyes.

He breathed so deeply His healing breath that it surprised my insides.  He kissed me, then held my rain-soaked face to His breast as the wisdom on His lips seeped through to my tongue, affecting my frame.  God’s kisses taste like warm honey, and each one drips with the knowledge of the Father’s “inner courts”.  How lovely…

We stood there in the rain, my Lord and I, and nothing could breach the deep knowing of me established by His touch… and by His willingness to wait and not withdraw His hand.