Which Do You Choose?

Every unkind word is a tatter in someone’s garment – in the very fabric of their lives – of mine and of yours.

Every kindness is a mending stitch that passes through holes and repairs the breach.

Which do you breathe out daily? Destruction or Repair?

Think carefully, for Jesus is listening. Be honest, for He is waiting to forgive.

Build the tapestry of a life and purpose your life not to destroy.

Cruelty isn’t special or merciful or beautiful.  Unkindness is remembered forever unless it’s forgiven and covered by Christ’s Blood.

Therefore, beloved, BE KIND… build the fabric of someone’s life.

Choose to be kind.

Like Never Before

The simpler things of life are so attractive to me! I was thinking at length about how God is so simple in His approach to loving us; of course, He has to be, hasn’t He? Because, it’s us!

He puts us in the palm of His hand and lifts us up out of the trouble of this world; separate and set apart – that means “holy”. He looks at us standing gratefully in His enormous palm and His eyes well with tears… for He loves us with such adoring, unfading love He can barely contain it.

Actually, He pours it lovingly upon us as we are able to receive and digest – He doesn’t want to keep it to Himself.  Everything of Himself He pours into that tender, gentle hand because we are standing in it…

It’s as simple as that with God.  He loves us with all-consuming, immersing, unfailing love and He wants it to take on life within us. He wants us to “be” Love, even as He is Love and we are created in His image and likeness.

Why did He decide to share? And why with “dust”?

This is the kind of God we’re dealing with – something… someone never encountered before, but someone we should run after… pursue desperately, with all our might and with every breath of life and love in us.

This is our Amazing God. He is drawn to our humility and the simpler things of life. He is to be preferred and desired above all other offerings in the complicated sphere of humanity. He is the sunrise of my heart and the pulse of all the life in me; the Initiator of every good thing, and I need nothing more than His unabashed love for me.

Bleed on me, O, Blood of God! Breathe in me Your breath until I am healed forevermore; for nothing else do I need!

Being Free

Ever feel absolutely GREAT about something, so much that you sometimes feel bad about feeling good?

Me, too.

For me it’s freedom in a particular area.  I’m very much glad to be free… that’s the truth.

Concentrate on Jesus.  Look to the horizon and worship God.  Constantly thank Him for changing things around and bringing you further into His purpose which blossoms all around you.  He’ll make all things known and understood in time.

Enjoy the new season, and be grateful for the past.  You’re not living for others, you’re living for God.

So don’t feel bad about being FREE.