Single? Be Glad.

No offense to anyone, but don’t assume those of us who are single are miserable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is freedom in being single and set apart for serving God.  There is peace of mind and heart in pursuing God’s will without conflict or battle to the contrary.

By the same token, two hearts on the same page determined to follow and obey the True and Living God create a symphonic harmony of praise, worship, and growth few other unions can match.  I’m well aware of that.  I have it in friendship, and I relish it greatly.

But if there is not a heart yet willing to serve God alongside you as spouse, there is no reason to be frozen or forlorn about it.  Matters of choice are in the Hands of God, and so is joy.  Your Divine Husband will never leave you, nor forsake you; so you need not be married in the natural to have joy. No fishing and scrounging around for matrimony is necessary for life’s joy and gladness to overtake you.  That is the glorious truth…

Thank God.


Do “romance” and “sex” always have to go together?

Probably for many men – yes… and for many women – no.

Just speculating though.

Is getting to know the heart so boring? Couldn’t THAT alone be romantic… ever?

Sex will be around until the end of time; sex rules the physical world… but where does the understanding of friendship stand in marriage? Does it ever stand ahead of sex? Can it?

I’d like to think so.

Just speculating though.


I can’t touch you physically because you are the same sex as me, but that’s okay – the best part is knowing your heart.

I’ve got the best God can offer to my life at any time in the knowing, the understanding, the truth, and the unfailing love of your friendship; the devotion of your heart and the truth that we are “knit” at the soul as God does with friends, especially.