Stay In Touch

When emotions are triggered by occurrences, don’t always consider you’re being attacked by the enemy.

God has a way of using those triggers to call up corrosive elements of our psyche or emotions He desires to deliver from our lives.

Ever heard a song from your childhood that transported you right back there and brought you to tears?

I have; and, when I’ve asked the Lord what in the world is going on with me – always ask the Lord, y’all – He asks me to release the weight of emotion to His loving arms… to forgive what or who needs forgiving (sometimes it’s just me), and to yield to His control the sinewy mess of hurts and woundings attached to it.

Stay in touch with God regularly, that’s the only way you’ll know.  He’s the key to your freedom, for He alone holds the plan of deliverance for your life.  Stay in touch, beloved.  Stay in touch.


His Face

God has shown me the folly of this world, the wasteful array of its pursuits, the trouble it breeds.

Before I paid attention I was part of all its frenzy… of its lusts and deception… of the dark and wearied places.

But when Light truly shined upon my face in ways that I could understand… I changed.

When humility sheathed me in its breast – I recovered… and lived.

The “lie” of life is that God does not exist and does not care.  Cruel deception says He does not intervene in the affairs of men.

But He does.

And desperate caring from His unerring Breath of Life rekindled the refuse of my dust to flames of holiness. I  have been set apart for blessing and I know it.  Now I behold His Face.


Pray for Self-Control

I have to stand back and look at myself very closely when people I love get hurt by others.  I’ve found that, depending upon the ridiculousness of the problem, righteous indignation can rise up within me to the point of tears and (sometimes) thoughts of violence.

My twin sister’s been emotionally mistreated today.

(Makes me think of Corrie Ten Boom praying to overcome her deep hatred toward the German guard who beat her dear sister right in front of her in a Nazi prison during WWII.  Corrie and her Christian walk inspires me continually, beyond words; she’s one of my heroes in the faith.)

Though verbal abuse is cruel, I don’t hate the person abusing my twin.  Also, I do know “the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God,” so the violent tendencies are readily dismissed – yanked out of the hands of the flesh and given over to God.  But… the indignation I feel when her heart is berated or otherwise unjustly accused or mistreated is strong enough to make me pray for self-control to overtake my emotions as well as hers.

Dear God, please enable us to show forth Your merciful character even in the face of trouble. Lord, when we are confronted by people whose aim is harm and not love… please enable us to take up Christ’s banner of unconditional love to love – not just the unlovable, but the downright ugly – in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

“And be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21)