Whew! Bless the Lord!

Holy Spirit holds open the “door of escape” from temptation to sin, and I am so grateful!

All it takes is our outcry to God, and He will transport us from the midst of fleshly weakness and into His glorious light.

Escaping the grip of temptation is like being thrust out into fresh, cool air after the stifling encroach of heat and blight.

Renew me, O, God! Refresh me with Your determination and Your strength which are far greater than all… for there is no strength without You.

With You, I can shut the door on temptation and take the hand of Righteousness.  With You, I know everything’s going to be all right.

And so… I bless the Lord.

Passions Born of God

It is realistically and dangerously possible to get lost in a writing project because, thereby, the Lord generously grants us opportunity to participate in His creative process.

So it’s God’s fault, you say, if there’s danger?  Certainly not.

The “danger” lies only in mankind’s tendency to ignore God.  When at the helm, God’s writing projects are more intoxicating than controlling.  He means for us to find delight and enjoyment in the buckets He allows us to dip into His new wine.

Writing’s my bucket, and I am filled to overflowing… awash in His holy stream.

There are bursts of thought I find more impassioned and stimulating than sexual arousal… nothing of the flesh can eclipse my heart’s praises moored to Christ’s cadence, beating away!  HALLELUJAH!  Writing’s a passion within me, born of God!

I am enthralled by the truth that it comes from God, fed directly through my veins onto the page which is never dislodged beneath my pen, but is always with me… and Christ is always with me.

Just breathe…

A writing project, born of God, is a journey to ecstasy in excellent discovery of Him and the way He completely possesses my passions.