Here, at last…

“We were so used to the long-distance zeal between us,” Emily began, “that once we were actually together, it overcame us in waves of gratitude… then fear.”

“Fear?” the counselor queried, “why fear?”

After masking the lump in her throat with a quaff of tea, Emily lowered the fine-china cup and replied…

“Because only our hearts are acquainted, not our habits… or anything else.  Because there are many years between us, and we both battle trivial insecurities… silly stuff like that.”

“I see,” the counselor continued.  “So what have you done about it?  Together, I mean.”

Emily slowly exhaled, “We’ve agreed to have a long talk.”

“And are you comfortable with that?”

Emily grinned and averted her gaze as if taking herself aside; upon returning, she replied…

“With all my heart… and absolutely not.”

Pride and Fear

Pride comes in many forms other than the “obvious” obnoxious braggadocious brands by which we’re quickly sickened.

For instance, impatience is a form of pride… so is embarrassment.  Did you know that?

Fear rears its head in clandestine ways also.

Lies and lying are OFTEN born of fear, as is the intense desire to constantly control circumstances and people.

The inflexible and uneducable often struggle with pride AND fear.

Time for introspection… and sincere prayer.



The Lord just brings His will about when we trust Him; sometimes it’s very quietly.

We worry and fuss and pray and toss and turn at night asking God to keep us in His will and timing and not let us step in front of Him or drag behind Him.  We sweat and our temperatures rise… we humans are all so dramatic!

But God is not, and He has no sweat glands.

He just brings His will to pass and He honors our obedient hearts and rewards us with His favor… all so quietly.

But perfectly.  Absolutely, positively, perfectly.

God bless You, Savior!  FOR YOU DO ALL THINGS WELL!