He is Faithful

As I approached the end of my honeymoon, my Heavenly Father gently asked, “Did I erase the horror of the old one, Beloved? Did I erase the old one?”  And I was touched beyond measure.  As I rendered my answer, it was with my heart crying tears of joy and thanksgiving…

“Yes, You did, Abba!” I said.  “Thank You so much for giving me another honeymoon and erasing the chaos of the old. I love You.”

“The old is no more, daughter,” He said softly.  “There is only the JOY of the new thing I’ve brought into your life, for I Am Faithful, and I love you.”

Saints, there is NO ONE – and I mean no one – like our Beloved Abba, Who makes the old yield to the new and renews wellsprings of Hope in our lives.  He will “undo” what has been done of old and bring His new and glorious riches into any life who allows it – for indeed, He is Faithful.  Amen.

Here, at last…

“We were so used to the long-distance zeal between us,” Emily began, “that once we were actually together, it overcame us in waves of gratitude… then fear.”

“Fear?” the counselor queried, “why fear?”

After masking the lump in her throat with a quaff of tea, Emily lowered the fine-china cup and replied…

“Because only our hearts are acquainted, not our habits… or anything else.  Because there are many years between us, and we both battle trivial insecurities… silly stuff like that.”

“I see,” the counselor continued.  “So what have you done about it?  Together, I mean.”

Emily slowly exhaled, “We’ve agreed to have a long talk.”

“And are you comfortable with that?”

Emily grinned and averted her gaze as if taking herself aside; upon returning, she replied…

“With all my heart… and absolutely not.”

Only Look Up

Child of God, never forget that when the elements of life and friends and family go against you right before a major change in your life, it’s confirmation of God’s pleasure and the enemy’s displeasure.

The angels are tall and sturdy surrounding you; only look up to see the mighty God Who guides you and them.

Be serious about your assignment, dear one, and don’t forget to be encouraged by the high waves and raging winds trying to buffet your vessel.  The Ship of Zion can’t be breached by the enemy’s folly, for it is steered by the immutable Captain of our Salvation! Hallelujah!

Have the elements of life and friends and family burst apart like a whirling firecracker stinging your eyes with smoke and sparks of disloyalty everywhere you go?  Step back, and lean on the Lord.  His coffers are full of calming waters that dowse the harsh coals and snuff the seething embers of betrayal and pain.

The angels of God are always around you, and they behold the face of He Who strengthens them and you. He will rescue, comfort, deliver, and heal.  Only look up.