Here, at last…

“We were so used to the long-distance zeal between us,” Emily began, “that once we were actually together, it overcame us in waves of gratitude… then fear.”

“Fear?” the counselor queried, “why fear?”

After masking the lump in her throat with a quaff of tea, Emily lowered the fine-china cup and replied…

“Because only our hearts are acquainted, not our habits… or anything else.  Because there are many years between us, and we both battle trivial insecurities… silly stuff like that.”

“I see,” the counselor continued.  “So what have you done about it?  Together, I mean.”

Emily slowly exhaled, “We’ve agreed to have a long talk.”

“And are you comfortable with that?”

Emily grinned and averted her gaze as if taking herself aside; upon returning, she replied…

“With all my heart… and absolutely not.”

Rejoicing in Summer

SUMMER! Ah, summer!  Buttery breezes and near night-long sunshine is here at last to delight my way…

Warmth and surprises of cumulus cloudy delights and brilliant blue skies with sunshine glinting off of wavy smiles in water!

Hold forth, O, eyes of brown – for all you see is green – and lush, and leafy gorgeousness.  What does this mean?

Why, that SUMMER IS HERE, AT LAST, and I am reborn in its creative power drawn from the very heart of God.

Ah… summer!

All That Matters

Rise up within me, O, God Jehovah!

Subdue my flesh and burn it away… make my spirit to praise Your Name!

I LOVE YOU! O, how I love You!

That’s all that matters, anyway.

Your Holy Spirit has robes of white and purple and gray and brightens the night.

Singing sonnets of praise to my delight He dulls the pain then takes it away and I am blessed with another day to make You a blessing to all those who see me and hear and receive Your fire in Truth.


That’s all that matters to my soul any day.