Only Look Up

Child of God, never forget that when the elements of life and friends and family go against you right before a major change in your life, it’s confirmation of God’s pleasure and the enemy’s displeasure.

The angels are tall and sturdy surrounding you; only look up to see the mighty God Who guides you and them.

Be serious about your assignment, dear one, and don’t forget to be encouraged by the high waves and raging winds trying to buffet your vessel.  The Ship of Zion can’t be breached by the enemy’s folly, for it is steered by the immutable Captain of our Salvation! Hallelujah!

Have the elements of life and friends and family burst apart like a whirling firecracker stinging your eyes with smoke and sparks of disloyalty everywhere you go?  Step back, and lean on the Lord.  His coffers are full of calming waters that dowse the harsh coals and snuff the seething embers of betrayal and pain.

The angels of God are always around you, and they behold the face of He Who strengthens them and you. He will rescue, comfort, deliver, and heal.  Only look up.

Want the Payoff? Trust God

God will call you out of one life into another; rest assured.  Be not dismayed if your emotions are suddenly calmed and so is your circumstance. Trusting in God always pays off.

The Lord looks on the condition of our hearts as it pertains to our emotional well-being far more than we realize. He knows that, if we are afraid or discouraged or discomfited, we will have a very hard time coming into His destiny for us.  He does not want us ignorant or devoid of His trust. He does not want us focusing on the ways of this world, either.

Children, don’t be discouraged if “the world” doesn’t know your name.

Seek to “be known” by Heaven rather than earth.  The God of all flesh never forgets, will always forgive, and His knowing of you will be proclaimed before all when you pass from death into new life.

Seek to be known by God.

Let Him bring you, joyously, from this life into another; His call on you won’t be misunderstood by those who have tasted life eternal, for He has called them, too.  He will bring you out of Egypt into the Promised land; rest assured.  Be not dismayed when you must get your house in order to leave behind the places which no longer hold your focus.  Leave and be grateful for what He’s given you.  Let the sunshine of God’s future rest upon your face.  Don’t be afraid, dear children…

Trusting in God always pays off.

Ah, well

I’m not terribly fond of playing games because I’m not competitive. However, if I can just cut-up, act silly, have fun, and laugh through most of it and not care who wins, I can enjoy almost any game. Cut-throat contests don’t thrill or entertain this girl.

I like to have fun, not to compete.  Competitive people don’t like that about me.

Ah, well…