Stay In Touch

When emotions are triggered by occurrences, don’t always consider you’re being attacked by the enemy.

God has a way of using those triggers to call up corrosive elements of our psyche or emotions He desires to deliver from our lives.

Ever heard a song from your childhood that transported you right back there and brought you to tears?

I have; and, when I’ve asked the Lord what in the world is going on with me – always ask the Lord, y’all – He asks me to release the weight of emotion to His loving arms… to forgive what or who needs forgiving (sometimes it’s just me), and to yield to His control the sinewy mess of hurts and woundings attached to it.

Stay in touch with God regularly, that’s the only way you’ll know.  He’s the key to your freedom, for He alone holds the plan of deliverance for your life.  Stay in touch, beloved.  Stay in touch.


Forgive Their Screams

It takes concentration on Jesus to ignore insult.  It takes faith in Christ to render “quick release” and forgive.

Decision is the key to it all but, some days, it’s like someone has stolen that key and all there is left to feel is ridiculous.

When guys walk by you and scream… then laugh and keep walking… you need Jesus’ love in your heart.  Without it, you’ll be remembering what they did when you’re old and gray.  God, forgive me for remembering… for ignoring Your quick release.

Okay, I choose to forgive – to make me free and set them free; and all their cruelty I give over to You.

If You can forgive my cruelty, I can forgive their cruelty.  I’ll forget they walked by and screamed, fattened by the prideful assumption that I ever wanted their attention.  Unbelievable.

God in Heaven, help me forget, and purge me of the bitterness that rests beneath my tongue… full of raging words and violence.

Immerse me in the TRUTH that I am beautiful just because I am Your child; make it “one” with my spirit.

Let me concentrate on Jesus’ love – then I will not fear if ever they should walk by and scream again.