Squeeze Out the Rain

When God’s sun rises, so does my heart.  He knows when we need to move on through His sky like the orb of light He’s provided to light our path.

Don’t feel bad when He calls you to move on – your “day” in Him is progressing, and harvest fields are benefited thereby.

God knows what He’s doing; there are paths upon earth waiting to receive His light through you; let the rays of proclamation strike the earth from your heart traveling through His sky. Let what He’s put within you encourage others as it shines.

When God’s “Son” rises, so will my heart. My face will be set like flint to the accomplishment of His goodness throughout the earth, and I will never give place to the storms of life seeking to cover God’s light.

Squeeze out the rain and carry on!

Amen. 🙂

Seasonal Hiatus

Resting up and enjoying beautiful weather…

Lord willing, posts to this blog will resume on Monday, June 2, 2014.

Until then, we pray God’s blessings and mercy upon you! 🙂