What I’m Doing

Every day there are clips and snippets of thought in the form of scenarios that float through my mind.  Like birds with a definite destination which only they know, these images dip and climb and soar and dive… bathing in the colorful lake of my emotions.  Little one-and-two-act plays, comments, and memories of the way I feel and the things I’d like to say (but often don’t) – the bizarre, angry, teary, funny, and delightful.  Sometimes I’m talking to myself, sometimes to others; it doesn’t really matter which in what is said.  It’s the sort of thing that happens to everyone walking, skipping, or trudging through life, depending upon the day and the mood.  It’s the stuff you walk away saying you should have said as well as things better left unsaid in the moment.  I want to write it here and, from what I write, learn more about me.

God and I will take it from there.

photo credit: Ashala Tylor Images via photopin cc

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