Where Love Reigns

I wonder what expressions shall take the Father’s face today…?

“God sits high and looks low”… I’ve heard it so many times… I’ve wondered about it even more.

The rapper T-Bone wrote a song featuring the lyrics, “I wonder what are they doing in Heaven today…”

I’ve often wondered that, though I know they’re celebrating.

Celebrating Yahweh is the foundation of “HALLELUJAH”!  I long to spend all my time doing that.

I want to see His expressions and show Him mine.  I’ve glimpsed “a day in the Throne Room” at my request and it was no short of fascinating…

Passion flows like a river from the very middle of God… as Freddy Hayler says – “Love obeys where LOVE reigns!”

Wouldn’t you like to be there? Wouldn’t you like to know?



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