While I don’t have the “gift” of hospitality, I can be hospitable; everyone can.

I’ve welcomed people into my home for weekend stays for years, and I just did so again this weekend after about a seven-month break.  I’d forgotten what an interesting feeling it is to have company overnight; especially since I ADORE solitude.

I remembered how I felt back when I had three visitors at least twice monthly for 2 to 3 days/nights at a time.  I was cheerful, I was kind, I felt good; it was crowded. Like I said, I don’t have the “gift” of hospitality which, I believe, makes you a “people person” (meaning you’d rather have people around you than not).

Though I certainly don’t dislike people, I am in love with quiet times of thought and purpose; in prayer and contemplation alone.

An old movie now and then (I’m a bit of a buff thanks to my mother), and praise/worship music constantly… I find electronics compatible friends. 🙂

Bottom Line: The weekend was good and I thank God for it.  I thank God for friends who love me, and I thank Him for new friends who are coming to love me.

Though I relish the silence and solace of humble concentration, I thank Abba for hospitality.




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